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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Win a Kindle?

It's a "win a FREE Kindle contest!" Check out Rod Lott's blog, Bookgasm, and learn all about it. He says, "We’ve partnered with HarperCollins — publisher of Andrew Gross’ new thriller DON’T LOOK TWICE — to give away an Amazon Kindle 2. Retail price: $359. Cost to the winner: $0.

"One really, really lucky person will win the Kindle 2, plus DON’T LOOK TWICE, which we said “scores high on suspense,” autographed by Gross. Five not-as-lucky-but-still-rather-fortunate people will received a Gross-inscribed copy of the book."

I suggest you check out the blog and sign up!

What's a Kindle? An electronic reader designed and sold by Amazon.

Want to follow mystery authors on Twitter?

Thanks to the librarian blogger at "Librarian D.O.A." you can have at a list of mystery /thriller writers who have been tweeting. Yep you can officially stalk -- I mean follow a variety of authors. Check her list here.

If you want to follow me, be it known that I had to change my alias from Frank Hardy (there already was one) to Franklin W Dixon - close enough.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Who will play the lead in The Lincoln Lawyer?

Just heard that Matthew McConaughey will be playing the role of Mickey Haller in a film adaptation of The Lincoln Lawyer. The Mystery Book Club read The Lincoln Lawyer last year and it was so well received that it was decided to read The Brass Verdict later this year.

2009 POLL #2--Do Mystery Stories and Political Bias Mix? What is closest to your view?