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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Amber Room - In the News

Last year I read The Amber Room: A Novel by Steve Berry, which, incidentally, I recommend. It was a good thriller that revolved around the discovery of clues leading to a chase for treasures stolen by the Nazis during World War II and hidden away just before their defeat. The focus is on the legendary Amber Room which was part of a palace in St Petersburg, Russia. During the war, the Nazis stripped the room of its panels of gold and amber. With a few exceptions, they have not been seen since the war.

I found it fairly entertaining; I recommend the book. I don't write reviews on Amazon, but if I did I would give it 4 stars.

Today I was intrigued by news reports about the real Amber Room hunters. I imagine Steve had already researched all this and maybe met these people. As in the book, a presumed underground vault in the former East Germany has been identified. It is presently being cautiously dug out. If you read the book - read the news! If you find the news story fascinating, read the book. It is easy to see that here was an author who started with historical and current day facts and asked, "What if...?"

Steve Berry also authored The Romanov Prophecy: A Novel which our mystery book club read about two years ago. That book was fascinating for the history context, but I did not enjoy the plot line as much - only because I am not a fan of stories that have a bit of a supernatural/spiritual twist to them. There was a bit of "it was ordained by God/the gods" in the plot which turned me off. Otherwise, it was a great story.

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