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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Win a Kindle?

It's a "win a FREE Kindle contest!" Check out Rod Lott's blog, Bookgasm, and learn all about it. He says, "We’ve partnered with HarperCollins — publisher of Andrew Gross’ new thriller DON’T LOOK TWICE — to give away an Amazon Kindle 2. Retail price: $359. Cost to the winner: $0.

"One really, really lucky person will win the Kindle 2, plus DON’T LOOK TWICE, which we said “scores high on suspense,” autographed by Gross. Five not-as-lucky-but-still-rather-fortunate people will received a Gross-inscribed copy of the book."

I suggest you check out the blog and sign up!

What's a Kindle? An electronic reader designed and sold by Amazon.

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