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Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Virgin of Small Plains (Due Dec 10)

It's November 10. It's time for the next book, The Virgin of Small Plains. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed reading California Girl, the book due for today.

Any comments you want to share about California Girl, please go to this post and add them there. Now that we have finished reading it, I have added my thoughts on the book. How about you? Did you like it?

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Please feel free to add to THIS post any comments you have about The Virgin of Small Plains by Nancy Pickard. This book is different from many other mysteries in that there is no central "sleuth." Instead, everyone, it seems, is trying to figure out what happened and nobody is talking. Well, I have already read it so I will say no more for now.

One thing for sure, this book has received many awards! Wow!

REMEMBER: No spoiler comments here until after December 10. Then, you can unload all your feelings about the book! So until then, keep you comments, ahhh, mysterious.

Go to the author Nancy Pickard's website by clicking here.

Read Nancy Pickard's Blog by clicking here.


Mike Manchester said...

I read this book in one sitting, and recommend that you set aside an afternoon on a rainy day for it. This book is IMPOSSIBLE to put down. The central "mystery" of the book is so terrible that a sort of Mafia style "omerta" takes over a small town in Kansas. How that silence unravels and how that affects some of the most appealing characters I have encountered in fiction is the story.

And I emphasize the word "story" this is a story in the best sense of the word. There are flashbacks as well as descriptions of the present day to show the the affects of one death in the lives of the characters. This adds to the puzzle--what really happened that night?

Frank Hardy said...

Thanks for your observations Mike! I like your analogy.

The story has a variety of moods too. From the "terrible" that you refer to, to the mood that surrounds the character afflicted with cancer. Her part --and all that it typifies in the story-- creates a different mood, one I find hard to describe. Is it humor, a blanket of sadness, parody, irony... what?

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