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Saturday, September 22, 2007

What are you reading (mystery-related!)?

Tell us your recommendations for favorite mystery books, thrillers, cozies, police procedural, etc... Click on "...COMMENTS" (after the words "POSTED BY FRANK HARDY AT 10:32 AM" below).

Let's see, I'm reading a Three Investigators Book to my grandson LOL. Just finished The Lincoln Lawyer by Connelly. It was a fun read, primarily because I have always had a weakness for lawyer type characters. (This goes back to the dozens of Perry Mason books I devoured in the eighth grade, c. 1960). There are a few good plot twists which I always like. Can't say that I am really drawn into the central character particularly. Is it the start of a series? Unknown. Would I read a second in series if there was one? Eeehhh... [waffle my hand].

Anything that I'm reading, I will tag "My Outside Reading." Feel free to comment on any of these books if you have read them.

This post is for anything you are reading that is not posted anywhere else in this blog... so go to it!

OK what are you reading?

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